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Affiliate Marketing Photos

  Affiliate Marketing Photos are an important element as a part of building your brand and establishing the difference and the value you bring to your prospects / customers. Website…

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It’s Christmas!

The business economy is the gift that keeps on giving. There could not be a better time for launching a business and the internet is the most powerful platform for…

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Surviving the Challenge.

Surviving the Challenge. The first step in surviving the challenge is facing the challenge. That means it’s critical to take a good look at it and embrace the whole process…

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Today's Mega Trend 

Today’s Mega Trend  Let’s start with the meaning of “Mega Trend.” It really defines itself. A Megatrend is an emerging dominate trend. The specific Mega Trend that I am now…

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Stuck & Unhappy.

I was in the grocery store last night and witnessed a disturbing reality. In a 30-minute period I talked to 3 different employees. All 3 told me how unhappy they…

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SEO A MUST - Who Knew?

What’s the difference between just having a website and having a website that people will see and interact with? This is a VERY big deal. I have talked with literally…

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