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No one person has all the answers. Particularly when you are just starting out. It pays to connect with a mentor. Learn from those who have accomplished what you want to accomplish. Model after the best and you will win over the rest. Quitters never win and winners never quit! 

Let me introduce my mentor –  Vick Strizheus founder and creator of FourPercent. Check out the special links below.


There is a “MeagaTrend” that has gone from a small flame to a full-on bonfire. The internet world is accelerating with giant size leaps and bounds. The big challenge is that the marketing/product suppliers are not keeping pace with demand. Conventional affiliate marketing is just gathering steam and is powered with outdated methods. It’s time to understand the “Power of Partnership.” We are living in the best market expansion we have ever seen. In many ways, it’s like the old gold rush days. The difference is that you don’t have to grab your gear and head for the hills. The tools are on your desktop and there are those who will help you get the job done.

It is also important to keep in mind that you won’t discover the motherload without an effort. Those who believe that success is possible by going from one instant money scheme to another will spend their life chasing dreams. Why chase the dream when you can live the dream.






1. Traffic Training.

2. Master Classes.

3. Inventory Options.

4. Brand Awareness.

5. Skill Development.

6. Strategy Training.

7. Contact Management

8. Design Support

9. Marketing Strategy

10. Target Marketing

11. SEO Skills.

12. Learn Copy Writing.

Partnership resources to support your experience.


Get to know Vick Strizheus (Founder and Creator of FourPercent) and others.

by Vick Strizheus

How to get endless traffic, build a huge list, and dominate in your marketplace.

by Vick Strizheus

How to build a wildly successful affiliate marketing empire – step by step.

by Vick Strizheus

How to manage & grow your money like the rich by following a simple model.

by Les Brown

The inspiring story of Les Brown and how to make a positive impact that lasts…

Working Together 



Leaders understand the importance of working together. Over 96% of those who attempt to build an online business simply fall short. This leaves only 4% who achieve their objectives. The goal of being a part of the Four Percent family is to develop the leadership skills that will carry you to your goals. It may sound like a contradiction, however, becoming a strong independent 4% entrepreneur is accomplished by working together.   


Learn to think big and develop the mindset that helps you over the inevitable speed bumps along the way. Believe that you can do anything you set your mind and your heart to. Understand your “Reason Why” and cling to it as you capture your share of an amazing megatrend that will help you prosper in every sense of the word.


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My Mentor Partner

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