Accelerated Network Marketing Advantage

Accelerated Network Marketing Advantage


Establish an understanding of what Network Marketing is, how it works, what it takes, and how to adjust to the current culture and economy. You will also gain a basic understanding of how to take advantage of current market conditions and how to accelerate your business growth.

Network Marketing Basics:

Network Marketing is real, and it is here to stay. Over 100 Million people are actively involved in Network Marketing. The fundamental business model has held up under the pressure of an unending stream of legal challenges, culture changes, financial recessions, and booming markets.

It would be hard if not impossible to name a product niche that has not had its place in the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing / Network Marketing) industry.

Network Marketing is based on real product sales, with a growing network of independent marketers, representing a specific product or product line. Each member has the responsibility to market the products as well as building a team of individuals who will, in turn, market the products while building their own teams.

Basic Challenges:

I find it interesting that the success vs failure rate is the same as it is in any other marketing platform. 96% fail and only 4% become successful. Why is that?

Success in business is made up of 80% Mindset and 20% skills and experience. This may shock you to hear me say this, however, if you don’t believe you can succeed don’t start! I’m not trying to discourage anyone. The truth is I want to make sure you understand how the game is played. Skills are easy to come by. Anyone can put one foot in front of the other and move forward. The question is do you want to move forward? Are you motivated? Do you have a compelling reason why? Are you willing to accept the challenge, remain consistent, resist failure, do what it takes and don’t let others steal your dream?

Network Marketing Advantages:

Companies who offer the Network Marketing Opportunity must take responsibility for product production, packaging, warehousing, distribution, and shipping. The organizing company is also responsible for accounting, contact management, distributor compensation, and much more. This greatly diminishes the burden of major business expenses and responsibility from the independent distributor. Network marketing companies also avoid the costs of physical retail locations. These cost savings allow for the lower product cost and better compensation plans.

One of the biggest advantages is the development of a productive network that will provide a long-term residual income.

Conventional Network Marketing Plans:

Typically network building is based the distributors sphere of influence. Everyone has number of people they might be in contact with at some point in time. This will include family and friends. Ultimately you connect with one of your acquittances who contacts their friends and family and so on. This method has survived and has remained the backbone of network building sense the beginning.

I am not being critical of the methods that have produced a long list on millionaires and those who have made a great living and prosperous lifestyle. There are, however, new developments that are changing the game and opening  doors for millions of people who would never be comfortable with the traditional marketing methods.

Accelerated Network Marketing Advantage:

In recent years we have seen a major shift from conventional marketing practices to the growing influence of internet sales. It is true that all the major network marketing companies have websites. However, these websites serve primarily and online brochures. Yes! These websites typically have sales videos and product demonstrations. The problem is that few if any companies offer comprehensive market training for the purpose of driving online traffic. The internet is a powerful marketplace that is virtually untapped for it’s potential in Network Marketing.

I have spent the last 10 years interacting with businesses and entrepreneurs who have websites. Sadly, these hard-working businesspeople have absolutely no idea of how to drive and capture targeted traffic in their business.

There are literally millions of people seeking business opportunities that will provide the answer to their dreams and ambitions. It is absolutely possible to connect with this market and provide the training and leadership required to build a massive network with long-term residual income.

The Accelerated Network Marketing Advantage is the answer to building a network organization with step by step training for effective online, target marketing. The building of product sales and independent distributors is supported with detail training in establishing a proven blueprint for long-term success.

Those who follow the Accelerated Network plan will learn how to become the top network income earners in months, as opposed to the years it normally takes with conventional methods.

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