Pitfalls of Affiliate Marketing

Pitfalls of Affiliate Marketing

BIG MISTAKE! Bypassing the basics.

Don’t get in a hurry, bypass the basics and get stuck in the mud!

Take your time and research the market. You will save a ton of time and money by laying out your strategy and carefully selecting your affiliate product niche.

One of the most common mistakes is in taking the time and money required to build a website with the expectation of selling a bunch of “Stuff.” First of all, the smart money is on building a personal brand by establishing credibility. Those who spend their time and money pushing products will get lost in a sea of other people doing the same thing.

If you are opening a conventional Brick and Mortar business you will need a location, a building and design features that establish a specific look and feel. You will want to use images, furnishings, colors, and layout that provide an atmosphere that supports your brand and product niche. You are building a location that invites people in. You must build confidence and trust in the first few seconds of exposure. They say that it is all about location. Sure, location is important. However, it doesn’t matter if the look and feel falls short.

Your website is your storefront, what you present and how you present it is critical in establishing your brand. Once people enter your space, they need to know that you know what you are doing. You are the expert. Take the time to prepare. The primary method of establishing trust is to provide a genuine understanding of your product niche. TAKE NOTE! I’m referring to your “Product Niche.” Not just your product. Yes, the product is important. However, the product itself is only part of the result that the customer is seeking. Your customers need to know that they will find what they are looking for when they visit.


People don’t buy products. They buy results. When choosing an affiliate product, it is critical that you understand the product and the consumer benefits. The first order of business is in providing the understanding that the customer’s objectives will be met. Showcase results first and the products will become the solution.

How do you avoid the risks of affiliate marketing? Know your product and know your product niche.

How do you become an expert in your space? Become a product of the product. Going back to the pitfalls – Don’t just through a dart to select your affiliate product. Seek a product and product niche that you can identify with. Your personal passion is a key driving force in successful affiliate marketing. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!

You must be a product of the product! Those who find themselves bouncing from product to product in search of big money are making a big mistake.

It is wise to take enough time to fully understand your product and develop a targeted marketing strategy. A few months of preparation will save you years of frustration. One of the pitfalls of affiliate marketing is the illusion of big money fast. This is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. Think long-term and prepare. Preparation is in fact, the fastest way to build a long-term, stable business that will change your life.

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