It’s All About the Brand

It’s All About the Brand

It’s All About the Brand!

Branding is the art of pulling people in who want what you offer.

Selling is the attempt to push the customer toward a purchase.


Avoid the BIG Mistake!

I have talked with literally thousands of business people over the past 10 Years. In my experience well over 90% of those who I talk to tend to focus on their product. As crazy as it may sound the product should be not the primary target of conversation. Yes! Everyone needs to represent a good product that they believe in. However, those who are in the business of “Selling Products” are faced with overwhelming numbers of people doing the same thing. As a result, the most important objective is overlooked.

The Brand Focus is on results.

Let me explain. People don’t buy products. They buy results. When it comes to food as an example, people buy the food that will result in satisfying hunger and hopefully tastes good in the process. The food itself is a means to an end. So, food is the substance that will provide the desired result.

You may be in the market for a screwdriver. You are probably not collecting screwdrivers just for show. So, in truth, you want a screwdriver because it will help you with a specific task. The ultimate result is the completed project.

The purpose of the “Brand.”

The Brand needs to establish that people can trust in you as a source of items that will produce the results they are looking for. As a result, you are the brand. Effective branding is based on who you are and how you present yourself.

Your brand has to stand out against all of those business people who are competing in the same space.

How do you stand out?

Start with recognizing the need to be different. You have to catch the eye of the consumer. I call your attention to the photo image at the top of this page. The image is not a typical image and it is intended to catch your eye. I spent extra time working with the image to create a specific effect.

First Impressions.

Notice that the image background is in black and white, while the principal object, (the truck) is in color. Notice also that the truck is extended beyond the natural boundary of the background. My goal with this image was to simply get you to stop long enough for you to pick up on the message and generate curiosity about the article. Consider the blog post to be the product and the knowledge about “Branding” to be the result.

Building the Brand!

Building a brand requires some thought, some creativity and a genuine interest in offering positive results with great products. By building trust in the brand your customers will buy the products because they connect the product with the desired results.

Those who focus their efforts on selling are missing the opportunity to create trust in a brand. Branding is the art of pulling people in who want what you offer. Selling is the attempt to push the customer toward a purchase.

Great Branding Product.

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