Blow Up Our Computers???

Blow Up Our Computers???

The question is “Do we blow up our computer?” The answer is not yet. Your computer still has a job to do. However, if you are a computer you need to watch your back. Cell phones are moving in on your territory.

Were ever you go you see people staring at that little screen on their phones. I am amused when looking around in a restaurant and noticing that people are looking at their phones and not each other.

The New Shopping Mall:

The 7-inch screen on your phone has become the new shopping mall. We grew up going to the and choosing from the stores that were available. Today we open the phone and gain access to shopping anywhere we want, including international options. You can do a search for a product you want and discover endless options, prices and availability.

Effective online marketing must include considerations that include phone friendly layouts, SMS (SMS stands for Short text Message Service) with short high impact messages.

It would appear that consumers have become impatient with “Instant Gratification Syndrome” and are generally unwilling to read long messages or view long videos. We, as marketers, need to become proficient at creating short effective messages. We also need to do our homework on keywords to satisfy Google search considerations.

In my 72 years I have seen amazing advances in technology. We live in a time when we just get used to a format and we have to adjust to an unending stream of “updates.” Technology and methods are a moving target. Keep in mind that technology is changing but consumers are still motivated by the same buying signals.

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