Reach For the Good Stuff.

Reach For the Good Stuff.

Should I Start an online Business?

Sometimes you have to reach!

Some things are worth reaching for! Those who achieve their goals have goals. Those who have goals understand the reality that anything worth having is worth working for. The internet is filled with promises of wealth without work. Sadly there is no shortage of those who have been convinced by the “ONLINE GURUS” who sell the myth of something for nothing.

There is a reality that deserves serious consideration. There is such a thing as working hard or working smart. When working smart, you can work diligently with a genuine work ethic. It is work relative to time spent and effort applied. Working smart generally produces clear economic advantages over simply working hard.

Allow me to share an interesting example. A friend of mine has been working diligently on college courses that will improve his hourly income. On completion of his classes, he will earn an additional $5.00 and $10.00 per hour. Nothing wrong with his effort or intentions. Consider the actual benefit. At $10.00 per hour, at 40 hours per week, the annual increase will be $20,800.00 That is good money and would make a real difference to a lot of people.

Here is an example of working smart. I am surrounded by individuals who are averaging 2 to 3 months learning the ins and outs of online marketing. Their endeavor requires dedicated time and effort in the process. In the end, they will have learned how to generate 10 to $20,000.00 increase per month. In my mind, it’s better to work smart and reach for the gold.

To be clear there is nothing wrong with working hard in a field of endeavor that you enjoy and that you are good at. It’s also true that millions of people want more and would benefit from focusing on the possibilities.

The bottom line here is “Buyer Beware” when it comes to the online offers that focus on real money without real effort. It’s worth it to do your research and study your options.

All the Best

Skip McNutt

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