Sell the Details vs Sell the Results?

Sell the Details vs Sell the Results?

Push vs Pull Marketing.

There is a big difference between Push Marketing and Pull Marketing. Well over 90% of the marketing we see online is push marketing. One of the biggest mistakes made in the representation of products online or any other marketing platform is in pushing products. No one likes a pushy salesperson. Push marketing places the emphasis on the product itself as opposed to the result of owning the product. Here is a random example of a sales PUSH statement. Sentence #1 “You need to own this car because it is on sale!” Here is the PULL version of this sentence. Sentence #2 “With the fuel economy you asked about combined with comfort on your long distance trips, this could be a great choice and the sales price will save you money.” Sentence number 1 is a push that lacks the value associated with the end result the customer is seeking. No real substance. Sentence number 2 is a pull that includes the value the customer has placed on fuel economy, comfort, and low cost.

Creating an inviting safe zone.

The information above represents the sales process. The marketing process is no different. Your marketing efforts can be focused on the product (Push Marketing) or the end result. (Pull Marketing).

It is very difficult to establish trust with a “PUSH” agenda. People tend to by from the person they feel they can trust. Trust is established when the consumer is receiving information that appeals to the ultimate reason for the purchase. Example: The primary reason for purchasing a screwdriver is to use it for a specific task or project. The customer has a mental vision of the finished task as opposed to the screwdriver in the drawer. The information the customer is looking for is the practical features that will make the end result possible. The Finished product is the end goal or result. The screwdriver is just the tool to make it happen. Sell the result and the customer buys the tool. Your marketing focus was the result, not the tool.

The provision of information relative to potential end results is far more desirable than specific product facts. “Facts tell & Stories sell.” The process of Creating an inviting safe zone is the result-oriented information that demonstrates a concern the desires of the customer. Trust is established in a safe place where the information is geared to results.

I hope this adds to your understanding of successful marketing.

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