Today’s Mega Trend 

Today’s Mega Trend 

Today’s Mega Trend 

Let’s start with the meaning of “Mega Trend.” It really defines itself. A Megatrend is an emerging dominate trend. The specific Mega Trend that I am now referring to is the proliferation of “Subscription Services.”

A good example is BlockBuster. How long since you have visited a Blockbuster store? The brick and mortar store has been replaced with online subscription services. Today, for the price of a single visit to the store, you receive endless video streaming on Netflix for a month.

Subscription services save money for the consumer while, at the same time, increasing the profits of the business. It’s a win-win. Considering the sheer numbers of people who sign up and pay the monthly subscription the income far exceeds the cost of posting videos and maintaining the site.

Good News. The Four Percent Success Challenge is loaded with multiple income stream opportunities based on subscription services.

Take a moment with me and do the math. If you have 100 people signed up for a subscription service at $10.00 per month, you are generating $1,000.00 per month. let’s go to 500 people signed up. Now you have $5,000.00 coming in and you aren’t doing anything more than what you did for 100 people. These subscriptions are based on digital fulfillment. There is no warehousing, shipping, and handling of products, and no back orders.

Subscription-based affiliate products are tending to one of the most lucrative markets online. Here are a couple of examples. Click Funnels (The Company) are the producers of a wide variety of market-tested capture pages. These pages are often used to replace the need for web pages. Anyone building an online business, and needing establish prospect lists, will find these capture pages to be critical. Click Funnels offer affiliate marketing opportunities that include monthly subscription commissions. Another company is Aweber. Aweber is an autoresponder system designed to gather emails and distribute automatic messages to your prospect/customer lists. It is virtually impossible to scale an online business without it. Again you have a 24/7 automated system that pays monthly subscription commissions.

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