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There are literally millions of individuals, like yourself, who would love to experience time and the financial choices that most people just dream about. To be clear. It is not just about money as important as money is. It is all about the quality of life and the ability to gain independence and to direct your own path.

I wrote my first sales and marketing articles in the 70s and I have spent the majority of my professional life working with others and building businesses. During that time, I learned some valuable lessons about the purchasing patterns of consumers. Some things have never changed relative to the motives of the consumer. That said, the methods of marketing, traffic generation, and delivery have changed dramatically.  National brands are experiencing major changes as they eliminate brick and mortar locations while turning to the internet to participate in this massive megatrend.

Together with FOUR PERCENT (The company) we are assisting others who are serious about building a long-term business platform that opens the door to all the possibilities you can dream of.



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When you consider that only 4% of those who enter the world of online marketing ever reach their goal it is important to avoid the mistakes that are common roadblocks to success. This site and my personal objective is to assist in the journey to becoming fully independent and ultimately successful in your business objectives. Simply put, I am here to walk with you as you take this “Step by Step” journey to being a part of the 4%.


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and maintaining a lifestyle of time and financial freedom.


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Propel Marketing Advantage LLC was created has a central resource for anyone with a desire for time and financial freedom. Only 4% of those who launch an online business ever achieve their objectives. Our goal is to change this unfortunate reality.

True Four Percenters are willing to learn and ultimately dominate the online community in their market niche.


The partnership we have established with Vick Strizheus (Founder & Creator of Four Percent) provides everything from Beginner Skills to advanced market strategies proven to dominate the market.

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